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“ Life is too short to not have a tiny umbrella in your drink and a friend by your side “


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Growing up in Texas with the heat and humidity, we lived for the water in the summer time. We were always at the lake with my dad tubing and water skiing on his boat or at the river in New Braunfels with my mom tubing and playing at Schlitterbahn water parks. Amusement parks and theme parks were a local favorite with season passes for Astroworld, Water World and Six Flags Fiesta Texas. Though I was always the shortest one in the group, there wasn’t a thrill ride or water ride I wouldn’t try.

Most of our family and friends in the south love snow sports, Colorado was a popular spring break destination for snow skiing. During my elementary school years, we piled 11-14 family members in 2 vehicles and drove 20-22 hours each way to Breckenridge for our spring break getaways. Despite the long car ride, I enjoyed listening to my uncle on the walkie talkie as “Rusty Bucket” along the way and my grandma telling stories of who she was going to race down the mountain after ski school. We drove everywhere for family vacations, I feel as though I personally started the popular phrase “are we there yet?”

As a family we often visited the local area attractions within driving distance, but I was always planning an elaborate escape somewhere around the world. Just after graduating college I got my passport in case a last minute travel opportunity should arise and hoped my first stamp would be from Italy. I often daydream that my life is just as it is now, except I have well-behaved hair, I live in Italy and speak perfect Italian. I have not yet made it across the globe yet I knew I wanted a destination wedding so I got married in the next closest place, Italy in Walt Disney World, no passport required.



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