5 Tips for Planning Your Honeymoon

Tips for Planning the Perfect Honeymoon

With the stress of planning for your wedding it is easy to overlook your honeymoon. A honeymoon is a well-deserved break after all of the work getting your wedding day just right and it is a great way to kick off your life together. Don’t let planning your honeymoon, however, become one more thing you need to cross off your list.

Our Adventure Together Team has put together a few tips for having a great honeymoon:

Remember it is “we” not “me”

Many of us have our own vision of a dreamy, romantic honeymoon already picked out. Your partner probably does too. And it may be different. Take some time now to talk through what each of you want in the perfect trip and compare notes (use our Travel Profile survey to help.)

Work with a travel agent

Okay, so maybe this a bit of a plug… ; ) Working with a travel agent (find a great Vacationista here) will help you and your fiancé find the best option for both of you (with a lot less stress.) While you focus your time on the rest of your wedding planning, your agent will be able to work with your wants and needs for the trip to find the best honeymoon plan for you. It can be tempting to go straight to the good ol’ search engine, but don’t rely on web research alone to make your plans. A great agent will listen to you and sort through the hundreds of options (with good and bad reviews) to find a few options for you to choose from.

Set a budget

Make sure that as a couple you know how much you are planning to spend on the honeymoon. Decide whether you will use any cash-gifts from the wedding or how much you already have set aside for the trip. A great honeymoon can be found within most budgets. Let your agent know what you are looking to spend so they can find the best romantic getaway within your budget. (You are working with an agent, right? Adventure Together Travel does not charge for our services… it is free to you!)

It’s in the details

It is important to think through the timing of your honeymoon with your chosen destination. Temperatures, rainfall, and crowds can have a big impact on your trip should you actually make it out of the hotel room. ; )

Have fun!

With all of the planning and then the Big Day, it is easy to forget that your honeymoon should be exciting. Follow our steps above (and let a Vacationista do all the heavy lifting) and get ready to have a great time!


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