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Vacations are very much like fashion, what works for one does not work for all. Finding the right fit isn’t easy either. A quick search on the Internet will result in thousands of options. Each one could have hundreds of reviews (often that conflict with each other.)  Sorting through these to find the right one for you can be time consuming and very frustrating.

Our Vacationista work to find the best fit for you

Like fashion stylists, our Vacationistas work with you to find the best fit for you. We hand-pick vacation options that work best with your taste, personality, lifestyle, and most importantly your budget. (On that subject, this service is absolutely free! Clients pay no more than the published price for their trip and will often pay less than they can find themselves online.)

Vacationistas listen, ask questions, and get familiar with you to understand your wants and needs. Our goal is not a one time sale. We want you to have the best vacation possible and want you to send us notes about how much fun you had and how you can’t wait for your next adventure. Just like you, our Vacationistas LOVE to vacation! We want each client to enjoy their vacation as much as we want to enjoy our own. (Find out more about our Vacationista team here.)

Getting started is extremely simple!

So how does this all work? Getting started is extremely simple… fill out one of our no obligation quote forms. If you aren’t real sure what kind of vacation you are looking for, you can also fill in our fun Travel Profile survey to share more information on what a perfect vacation looks like to you.

Our Vacationistas will take it from there. We’ll review your information and find personalized options for you… whether it is an all-inclusive resort, guided tour or a cruise. Have your passport ready because we will be looking at Mexico, the Caribbean, as well as options in Europe. Vacationistas find the best options to fit your vacation mood as well… a family getaway, romantic escape (even destination weddings), and anything in between.

We are sure that you will find a great vacation within our selections. When you do, your Vacationista will work with you on all the details. We’ll be here for you from beginning to end. Just don’t forget to send us a note to say how much fun you are having!

Let the adventure begin…